It is never too late to change the course of your life. You have the power to live a life of purpose, impact and vision.


A transformed life depends on the strength of its foundation. Before you start to build, focus on values and integrity.


With the understanding of the impact of your actions, what will you do? Be intentional, precise, empowered.



For years, I made a lot of external changes in my life trying to create the life that filled me with fulfillment: living in different countries, various careers, new hobbies and activities, marriage, and fatherhood.

Every time I made a change I thought... "This is it! This is what will make me feel fulfilled, whole, ready to live fully, happy, present, and on purpose."

However, the truth is that the excitement that came from those changes only lasted a short while and I quickly found myself back to feeling lost and unhappy.

If you find yourself in this neverending loop of dissatisfaction, let me share with you my journey and invite you to make a change toward a life of purpose and impact.



My life, my marriage, my relationship with my son, my sense of purpose, how I feel about myself and my purpose have all completely transformed - but I didn't do any of this alone.

One of the greatest things I learned and opened up to was how to be supported by others.

I came to understand that I didn't have to figure it out or do it all alone. With support, I have been able to explore deeper, face more challenging realities, and share more openly with others. I'm no longer the Lone Wolf.

Letting go of the Lone Wolf identity wasn't easy. Allowing others to support me meant I couldn't hide anymore. It also meant having someone else to be accountable to, someone to push me to my edges to places I wouldn't go if not encouraged, someone to offer reflections about the way I see myself and the way that I am handling different aspects of my life.



I broke through addictions and other numbing tactics.

I stopped running from experiences and emotions that I wanted to avoid

I became honest with myself about how and when I was out of integrity and out of alignment.

I came to understand what my wife and my son truly need from me as a man, husband and father.

I allowed myself to cry tears of sadness, release anger, sit in loneliness and celebrate in pure joy in many different ways.

I stopped judging and criticizing myself and others.

I learned how to listen and be fully present with the desires and emotions of others without having to 'fix' them.

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