Are you a man who has worked hard to have the career, relationship and life you have but something isn’t right?

If you are...

Overwhelmed by responsibilities.
Stressed and drained.
Mentally overloaded and tapped out.
Physically exhausted.
Feeling burdened by life rather than enjoying it.
Feeling like you’re sacrificing yourself for your family or your job.


And what you deeply want is...

More energy, fun, peace and a happy life that feels easy.


Then you're in the right place and there is another way.


Welcome to

We Are The Men: Initiation

We Are The Men: Initiation

  • 12 weeks of guided support and collaboration.
  • Weekly group calls to guide you through each step of your transformational journey.
  • 2 private 1-on-1 coaching sessions with Angelo
  • A dynamic online community—a space for sharing wins, seeking support, and connecting with fellow participants.
  • Access to video teachings offering valuable insights and practical strategies for personal growth and self-discovery.
  • An array of tools and practices designed to foster physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being throughout your experience.
  • Lifetime access to course content.*



Spring 2024



Begins April 2nd, 2024


Weekly Calls on

Tuesdays @ 8pm EST 


This is your opportunity to move towards the life of your dreams.


It's time to step into full ownership of your choices and experiences so that you can embrace an integrated, more fulfilling life where you can lead your family, your community, and yourself.


Are you READY?

Empowering Knowledge

This program provides the necessary knowledge to understand, confront and overcome the habits and tendencies that keep you returning to unwanted outcomes.

Practical Tools

We offer practical tools to help you build healthier habits, open communication and strong boundaries. You'll be exposed to a variety of practices and actions you can take starting on day one.

Support and Accountability

You're not alone. This Initiation creates the opportunity for you to reach out to others and build your support system for the journey ahead. Connection is a key part of Initiation.

Bradley P.

"Angelo is a great leader. He helped me confront my physical edges and breathe through discomfort. He also shares his wisdom about how to live as an embodied man and as a leader of my own life. I recommend Angelo as a life coach and mentor for anyone looking to be great and live in integrity, courage, and strength."

Troy S.

"Angelo is a grounded and calming source. He is genuine in his delivery and compassionate in holding space for others. He is light hearted and knows when to bring a more direct energy forward when needed. My time spent with him was impactful and a pleasure to learn from and grow under. I look forward to growing with and along side Angelo in men’s work leadership and as a man working to be my best self. I would step into a container with Angelo anytime and not fear to share what’s on my heart."

Jack M.

"Being in Angelo’s presence alone can make you feel the light and love in his atmosphere. His ability to lead a group of men and vibrantly express himself in a powerful love fashion is extraordinary."

Darren L.

"From the moment we met, Angelo made me comfortable and supported. When my experience reached a point that brought me to tears, I turned to Angelo to cry on his shoulder. He breathed with me to center myself again. And when I found myself challenged- it was Angelo shouting from the sidelines -'Come on! You’ve got this!'"

Enter a realm of holistic empowerment, where healthier choices and deeper connections thrive.

We Are The Men: Initiation marks your first step toward bringing this vision to life.


Watch the recording of the Info Session and Q&A that Angelo hosted.

You made it this far. Don't turn back now. 

Now is the time to take action and feel the transformation in your life.