The Medicine Within with Manu Llaguno

In this episode of the We Are the Men podcast, Manu Llaguno openly shares the transformative journey that took him from a life driven by external expectations to one grounded in authenticity. With poignant insights, he delves into the challenges of unmasking oneself in a society laden with norms, highlighting the crucial role of reconnecting with one's inner fire. Manu's metaphor of tending to this inner fire emphasizes the significance of heart-centered living, fostering connection, and staying attuned to our humanness amid the distractions of the modern world.

Central to the conversation is the concept of "medicine" within each man—unique essence waiting to be unveiled. Manu passionately discusses his mission to empower men to rediscover their hearts, share their medicine, and collectively illuminate the world. He underscores the responsibility and impact of supporting others on this transformative journey, leaving listeners with a heartfelt message to those who might feel lost—a call to reconnect with their inner light, feed the fire of authenticity, and share their invaluable medicine with the world.

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