Navigating the Wilderness Within with Matthew Cochran

In this episode, host Angelo Santiago engages in a profound conversation with Matthew Cochran, founder of Raven Dream Tracking and a rites of passage guide. Residing in the vast wilderness of Southern Utah, Matthew shares insights into his unique approach to men's work and self-discovery. Drawing inspiration from the elusive mountain lion, Matthew delves into the art of patient observation, understanding the balance between intention and the forces that shape our lives. With vivid descriptions, he paints a picture of the men's councils he facilitates around roaring fires, discussing topics seldom explored in the town of 300 people that he calls home. Matthew emphasizes the transformative power of these gatherings, where men connect in a language beyond words, fostering a quiet camaraderie that transcends the rugged individualism often associated with their lifestyle.

Raven Dream Tracking becomes a metaphor for Matthew's philosophy, guiding men to explore their own nature and trust the vast mysteries of life. Through dream work and connection with the earth, Matthew encourages listeners to embrace their uniqueness, illustrating how profound shifts in perspective can bring newfound joy, resilience, and an expanded sense of self. Angelo and Matthew discuss the importance of slowing down, reconnecting with nature, and the unspoken language that binds men together.

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