Navigating Fatherhood and Masculine Evolution with Jack Villiers

In this episode of the We Are The Men podcast, host Angelo Santiago invites Jack Villiers, a visionary in the interwoven fields of leadership, healing, and human potential. Jack, founder of Human Work, is not just a coach and business mentor, he's a torchbearer, illuminating the path to authentic leadership and the healing of trauma, guiding both men and women to their true calling.

Embark on a journey that traverses Jack's life story, from the absence of a father figure to his transformative role as a father himself, and the profound impact this has had on his mission. Jack's narrative is one of resilience, self-discovery, and the pursuit of genuine human connection. His commitment to fostering deep, meaningful relationships is the cornerstone of his work, and his insights into the power of presence and intention in parenting will resonate with all who listen.


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