Cultivating Presence Through Mindfulness and Martial Arts with Alvaro Fernandez

In this episode of the We Are The Men podcast, host Angelo Santiago engages in a transformative conversation with Alvaro Fernandez, a meditation coach, father, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt. Alvaro's unique blend of transpersonal psychology, NLP, mindfulness meditation, and fourth way philosophy principles offers a holistic approach to personal growth and self-defense.

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Embark on a journey through Alvaro's life as he recounts the pivotal moments that led him from a path of pain and loss to one of profound self-discovery and purpose. His story is a beacon of hope, demonstrating that even in the depths of despair, one can find the tools to rebuild and thrive.

Alvaro's dedication to his craft is not just about achieving personal goals; it's about imparting wisdom and empowering others to lead lives of presence, intention, and fulfillment. He shares his insights on the importance of self-awareness, the power of meditation, and the delicate balance of discipline and self-care in the pursuit of passion.

Listeners are invited to explore Alvaro's offerings, including his website, where they can download a free two-minute meditation and learn about his online courses and men's circles. His teachings are a testament to the transformative power of combining martial arts with a mindful approach to life.

As you tune in, prepare to be inspired by Alvaro's message of presence and the call to action to become the men who want to be present. This episode is a reminder that change is possible, and with the right mindset, every man can step into a life of greater meaning and connection.

For more on Alvaro's work check out or find him on Instagram @soultrainer74 and @alvaroblackbelt.

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We are the men who choose to be present, who choose to act, and who choose to make a difference. Join us on this journey of self-realization and collective empowerment.


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