Return to the Waters of Self, Song and Sacred with Hunter Toran

In this episode of the We Are The Men podcast, hosted by Angelo Santiago, guest Hunter Toran, a somatic educator and therapist, explores the significance of reconnecting with the elemental aspect of water, integrating play, music, and ceremonial practices into men's lives for healing and self-exploration. 

Hunter emphasizes the transformative power of allowing oneself to embrace the 'playing child' within, competition in adulthood, and the importance of slowing down to align with nature's rhythms. He shares his journey of personal growth, the pivotal moments that redirected his life towards mentorship and somatic practices, and his commitment to facilitating spaces where men can explore their vulnerabilities through play, music, and community connection.

Hunter also delves into the therapeutic aspects of song and poetry, conveying the idea that everyone has a unique creative expression that can serve as a tool for self-discovery and healing. The episode is a profound dialogue on the importance of nurturing the body, soul, and connections with others through intentional practices that honor the sacredness of life's journey.

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