From Struggle to Strength with Ian Mai

In this episode of the We Are The Men podcast, host Angelo Santiago invites men's health and inner strength coach, Ian Mai, to discuss the transformative power of confronting and overcoming addictions to pornography, food, and alcohol.

Both share their personal journeys of battling these addictions and how it impacted their lives and relationships negatively. Ian, having overcome a 20-year struggle with pornography, offers insights and strategies on how men can achieve clarity and purpose in their lives. The conversation delves into the significance of understanding emotional states, the role of willpower, discipline, and the ability to rewire behaviors for a healthier life.

They highlight the importance of community, support, and the courage to face uncomfortable truths for genuine healing. The episode is a candid exploration of masculinity, vulnerability, and the path towards becoming more connected and present with oneself and in relationships.

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