Becoming the Medicine with Dr. Evan Johnson

In this episode of the We Are The Men podcast, host Angelo Santiago connects with Dr. Evan Johnson, a former two-sport college athlete turned CEO and founder of Utopian Medicine. Dr. Evan, also a TEDx speaker, flow science and peak performance expert, and author, discusses his mission to unlock individuals' and teams' true potentials.

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The conversation explores Dr. Evan's journey from a college athlete facing injuries and mental health challenges to developing a new paradigm of healthcare that transcends traditional boundaries and incorporates a wide spectrum of healing modalities.

Dr. Evan emphasizes the importance of core values, the power of belief, and the innate intelligence of the body in achieving optimal health and performance. Through Utopian Medicine, Dr. Evan aims to leave a legacy of transformation by empowering people to become their own medicine and foster a holistic approach to well-being.


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