Culture, Fatherhood and Empowerment with Efrain Reyes

In this episode of the We Are The Men podcast, host Angelo Santiago welcomes Efrain Reyes, co-founder of Latino Dad Connection. Efrain shares his journey from Mexico City to Southern California, touching on his undocumented status, gaining citizenship, and the importance of reconnecting with his cultural roots.

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Emphasizing the significance of safe spaces for men of color, Efrain discusses Latino Dad Connection's mission to empower fathers through community support, self-reflection, and reclaiming their power. The conversation also explores the transformative power of men's work, the challenges and intricacies of fatherhood within the Latino community, and the importance of presence over the quantity of time spent with family. Efrain and Angelo wrap up by sharing personal insights on navigating fatherhood, the impact of cultural reconnection, and envisioning a supportive community for people of color.